Decades of spa tradition and passionate medical-scientific research have led us to the creation of a unique model of intervention: the Regina Isabella Method , which guarantees immediate and long-lasting results thanks to the application of Three Phases (Detox, Anti-inflammatory and Regenerating) which
we offer in every single treatment and in our spa programs.

The DETOX PHASE is the first approach aimed at freeing the organism from agents pollutants and toxins , in order to guarantee a dedicated action free from external interference.
Thanks to our experience, by acting on the various excretory organs, we are able to promote the elimination of waste by combining aesthetic, spa and nutritional support treatments.

The ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PHASE is a consequence of the natural immune stimulation that occurs by applying Regina Isabella Thermal Spa’s bioactive thermal water and mud and manual techniques. In this way the immune system is activated through the skin, the real “radar” of our body, which develops the release of anti-inflammatory molecules.

Thanks to the RI Method we are able to act on these factors, stimulating the immune system to repair the damage, treating and preventing – pathologies and imperfections.

The REGENERATION PHASE consists of functional recovery and improvement of general well-being . After having repaired the damage, thanks to the anti-inflammatory phase, the body restores cellular functions, previously compromised by inflammation.