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The 5-star Hotel Thermal Baths

Nature’s gifts for your Wellbeing

The thermal springs of the Regina Isabella’s baths are classed as sodium-sulphate-bicarbonate-calcic-magnesic, they are waters hypermineral and described as “hyperthermal”. They gush out of the ground at a temperature of 56 and 77 °C.

Our waters,  studied starting from the middle ages and by the Nobel prize Marie Curie in the early twentieth century, are still at the centre of research of three different universities. The peculiarity of our waters is the biodiversity that characterizes them: for this reason, we decided to name them “bioactive waters“, both for a large amount of life contained in them and for the wonderful benefits in the aesthetic and medical fields. The careful and ongoing scientific research has led us to create some thermal protocols, uniques for this industry. A medical team is on hand to welcome visitors and create a personal pathway of beauty and wellbeing.

Another special resource is our mud, collected from the natural quarries of Ischia and left to steep for six months in the thermal water. Absorbing its mineral properties and medicinal virtues, our mud becomes a bioactive thermal mud.

Our spa also offers therapies, treatments, massages, diet and fitness programmes, as well as thermal dermatology treatments.

The synergy between the real thermal tradition and the most modern medical-scientific analysis have led to the creation of a Medical Prevention and Health Care, a synonym of prevention and treatments that we have divided into four macro-areas: Medical, Relax, Beauty and Fitness.


Walk to the mud tanks just a few meters from the Regina Isabella SPA, it is possible
to visit the mud tanks where the bioactive thermal water exerts its action on the
bentonite clay, up to turn into mature bioactive mud.

The history of the Ischia baths goes back to the VIII century BC, when the Greek colonists began making use of the hot water gushing from the slopes of Mount Epomeo. It was the Romans who realised the potential of the springs and placed the waters of Lacco Ameno under the protection of their mythical hero, Hercules. They turned the thermal baths into a centre of care and repose, making them among most popular in Imperial Rome.

Nowadays, you can make use of these waters in our famous spa, to give you extra vitality, and restore your body and spirit with new beauty and harmony.