Post-covid syndrome

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Post-covid syndrome (known as ‘long covid’) occurs in people who have contracted (likely or confirmed) SARS CoV-2, and the onset is usually 3 months after having Covid. It may last at least two or more months, with symptoms that may not necessarily be linked to previous pathologies. The most common symptoms are asthenia, “shortness of breath”, cognitive disorders (brain fog) and other disorders (e.g. discomfort after effort etc.) that impact one’s daily wellbeing. Symptoms may occur after improvement or persist after the acute phase. They may be characterised by a fluctuating trend or with relapses.
In two years, the pandemic has affected more than 400 million people and it is likely that at least 100 million suffer from “post-Covid syndrome”.


Long Covid or Post-Covid-19 Syndrome is the name for the range of disorders that persist after infection, representing a form of continuation of the disease. It is a real problem that can lead to serious health consequences. Symptoms of Long Covid can affect several organs. The most common symptom is fatigue, followed by loss of taste and smell. Another symptom is “brain fog”, meaning memory and concentration problems. It can also cause headaches, difficulty in sleeping, neurological symptoms such as anxiety or stress, gastrointestinal disorders and muscle aches.

Our Thermal Baths are designed on the basis of a post-Covid therapeutic strategy in order to work on symptoms, stress, inflammation and gastrointestinal disorders, together with a healthy diet and exercise. Thanks to the systemic and localised anti-inflammatory effect, our thermal water can counteract the inflammatory processes that are typically present in the most common respiratory, joint, muscle and tendon diseases and stimulate the immune system by promoting the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. That is the very reason why thermal water is a valuable aid for anyone suffering from inflammatory diseases. Our personnel includes a thermal doctor, a specialist doctor, a nutritionist, a psychologist, a physiotherapist and our thermal operators. These professionals, working as a team, are able to treat most of the most frequent disorders characterised by post-Covid syndrome, as seen in the diagram above.

The underlying objective of the programme is the functional recovery of the respiratory muscles, starting from the use of thermal waters in inhalation treatments associated with physical rehabilitation. Nutritional and psychological support is essential to offer a 360° recovery within a unique setting in the world. All supervised by specialised doctors. At the end of your spa vacation, it will be possible to continue with certain treatments from home thanks to follow-ups agreed on remotely or in person.



The complete weekly programme


  • Acceptance medical examination and related instrumental examinations (spirometry, saturation)
  • Telemedicine pneumological examination
  • Nutritional consultancy and the creation of a personalized plan
  • 6 inhalation treatments (Aerosol – Inhalations – Micronized Nasal Shower)
  • 6 Bioactive mud and thermal baths
  • 3 respiratory rehabilitation sessions
  • 3 sessions of Adapted Physical Activity
  • Telemedicine psychotherapy

The weekly program without balneo mud therapy


  • Initial medical examination
  • Nutritional consultancy with the creation of a personalized nutritional plan
  • 6 inhalation treatments (between Aerosol – Inhalations – Micronized Nasal Shower)
  • 3 Respiratory rehabilitation 30min
  • 3 sessions of Adapted Physical Activity 30 min
  • Online psychotherapy 50 min


    • Specialist medical examination (telemedicine)


    • Specialist medical examination (physiatry, OTG, pediatrics, cardiology, pneumology)


    • Osteopathic Evaluation


    • Osteopathic Treatment


    • Hydrokinesis therapy in thermal water 25 min


  • Relaxing and aesthetic treatments from the price list
  • Specialist investigations
  • Specialist investigations to be carried out at our facility (*) and others at the Rizzoli Hospital in Lacco Ameno (by appointment)
  • Electrocardiogram (*)
  • Computerized Bone Mineralography (MOC)
  • Single and two-dimensional ultrasound and cardiac ECD
  • ECD supraortic vessels (TSA)
  • ECD arterial and venous upper and lower limbs
  • ECD arterial and venous upper limbs
  • ECD arterial and venous lower limbs
  • ECD abdominal aorta
  • Abdominal-pelvic ultrasound (*)
  • Thyroid ultrasound (*)
  • ECG stress test (treadmill)
  • Dynamic ECG (Holter)
  • Complete Cardiovascular Instrumental Screening (SSCC)
  • Cardiology visit Echocardiography (*)
  • Eco-TSA
  • Stress test