Cosmetic products line RI for ME

Plants and Bioactive Water

Our Cosmetic Products Line

In line with recent advances in phytocosmetics, our laboratories have started to source pure extracts from Mediterranean scrub plants, which act as highly effective cosmetic products.

The active ingredients from these plants are isolated with processes that ensure complete purity and, together with our “bioactive water”, create a natural product that restores the structure of skin damaged by ageing or environmental stress.

Some products from the RI for ME line contain Phytomelatonin, an oil rich in melatonin that is extracted from specific plants.

It has been clinically tested and found to have an antioxidant action: both intra- and extra-cellular. Its high degree of effectiveness is due to its easy absorption into the skin, allowing the phytomelatonin to accumulate in the dermis and to ensure prolonged action over time. This oil also has important properties that protect against UVA and UVB radiation, and is particular effective for anyone looking for a revitalising agent to restore brightness and elasticity to the skin.

Research in our laboratories has shown that the best way to preserve the wellbeing of our skin is to be aware of its biological “intelligence”.

If it receives a balanced supply of proteins, lipids and minerals, our skin is able to choose the ingredients it needs and to restore its own rhythms and physiological balance.

Our skin check-ups enable our medical staff to determine the health of your skin and identify the specific active substance required to restore its perfect balance.

All our products are free of preservatives, colouring agents or paraffin, and have a very high content of natural active ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We usually speak of “water” in the singular, but in reality we should talk about “waters”: because each one is different, with its own origin, character, and associated memory.

The RI for Me cosmetic skin range is based on the waters of our thermal springs.

Their amazing properties are created in the volcanic depths of the island of Ischia, where the waters are heated and pushed to the surface by outbursts of magma. While travelling upwards, the water passes through deposits of mineral salts rich in natural energy, and absorbs these together with many other colloidal substances of marine origin. These waters have a dynamic effect on the metabolic system, with a beneficial impact on the process of cell regeneration.