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Our Gourmet Restaurant

From 07:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Reserve a table. You can either call us on (+39), email us at indaco@reginaisabella.it or book online at The Fork.

The Indaco restaurant was opened in 2009, under the direct management of Chef Pasquale Palamaro, and since 2013 has been awarded a Michelin Star in recognition of the achievements of the whole team.

With its gourmet cuisine, the restaurant caters for the most demanding of tastes. It overlooks a small bay, and takes its name from the indigo colour of the water at twilight. Guests are seated either in the dining-room or outside on the wide jetty. Dining becomes a truly romantic experience, directly on the sea and with the stars twinkling over the charming village of Lacco Ameno.

The cuisine is predominantly seafood, and includes the freshest farm-to-table products of the island as well as the hotel’s private garden.


Every year a series of four four-handed dinners take place at Indaco Restaurant: The Summer Dinners.

Menu Indaco 2024


Chef Pasquale Palamaro

Chef Palamaro was born in Ischia in 1978; his career at the Regina Isabella has often involved collaborations with well-known names from the culinary scene, both Italian and international, including Michelin-star Chefs Aimo and Nadia, Ugo Alciati, Alfonso Iaccarino, and Emanuele Scarello. This challenging and rewarding experience inspired him to go in search of new techniques and ingredients that would best reflect the flavours and aromas of his native land. He also honed his skills by working alongside such expert chefs as Antonino Cannavacciuolo of the Hotel Villa Crespi in Orta San Giulio and Anthony Genovese of the Pagliaccio in Rome.



The Dishes

“Ancient stories of sailors and fishermen, multi-coloured fishing boats that furrow the island’s sea that becomes indigo at dusk: our mission is to narrate the soul of Ischia through food making.
A 12-year long adventure during which we have given new shapes and new content to our philosophy, today based on the desire, more than ever, to spread the products of Ischia, our traditions, our gastronomic culture that has spanned the millennia, renewing itself around an unchanged basic idea: the bond with the territory. They ask me “How long have you been a cook?” and I answer, “I always have”. I think of my cuisine just like a boat of a thousand pastel shades resting on a beach crowded with children and a stormy sea after a thousand battles.
To those who follow us, to those who love us, to those who dream of us goes my invitation to taste our sea, and then cherishing the memory of it and taking it on an imaginative journey all over the world that starts from here, Ischia, and then leads
us back here, to our enchanted places.”

Pasquale Palamaro


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