Summer Dinners


from Jun 24, 2021 to Sep 22, 2021


The food and wine festival held in the enchanting location of the Regina Isabella Resort at the Indaco Restaurant renews its engagement with taste: the unmissable SUMMER DINNERS event is now at its 16th edition.
MAN AND THE SEA, this is the theme chosen by Chef Patron Pasquale Palamaro: four engagements for four different experiences narrating the bond between man and the sea with different jargons and exclusive stories of lives
Pasquale Palamaro will invite a different guest chef for each of the engagements to cook a secret menu with him until nightfall! Fish will be the undisputed protagonist of the dishes and the menus will be revealed “live” on the actual night of each event.
The chefs invited to Ischia by Pasquale Palamaro as skilled interpreters of the sea in its various expressions are:
– ALESSANDRO ROSSI of the restaurant IL GABBIANO 3.0* in Marina di Grosseto, on 24rd June
– SIMONE NARDONI of the ESSENZA* restaurant in Terracina, on 28th July
– MATTIA BIANCHI from the restaurant AMISTÀ* in Corrubbio di Negarine, on 23rd August
– CATERINA CERAUDO of the restaurant Il DATTILO* in Strongoli, on 22nd September



24th June
Alesssandro Rossi
ALESSANDRO ROSSI Born in 1991, his career is an itinerary of prestigious experiences: in Florence with Filippo Germasi, Dal Degan, and Stefano Ciavatti of Da Fino; then at the Leggenda dei Frati, first in S.Giovanni d’Asso and then at the prestigious Villa Bardini. This is where the first Michelin Star arrived in November 2016, accompanying the new experience in Pienza alongside Maurizio Abbate at the Terrazza del Chiostro. A destination that precedes the Villa Selvatico project, ended in the autumn of 2019 when Marco and Riccardo Tomi call him to Marina di Grosseto to direct the kitchen at Gabbiano 3.0.


28th July
Simone nardoniBorn in 1987, he is the Chef Patron of Essenza. His concept of catering: the abandonment of the superfluous and the exaltation of the concrete. A pure and crystalline talent. A manic respect for the raw material he enhances with an innate creativity, offering it directly and without any excess to the palate of his guests. His aim is to make every sense converge in the dish without any distraction. His is a vision of contemporary cuisine, combining the gestures and taste of the past with modern techniques. He partnered with the entrepreneur Giuseppe Emilio in 2019 arriving at street number 38 of Via Cavour in Terracina on the Latium coast. He joined the prestigious JRE association in the month of March of the same year.


23rd August
Mattia Bianchi Originally from Valpolicella, in the province of Verona, he had clear ideas from an incredibly young age and decided to attend the catering school. As soon as he completed his studies, he began his career in the Verona area, first at the “Ristorante Arquade” in Villa del Quar under the guidance of Bruno Barbieri to then continue with other experiences taking him to London in 2010 and to Australia in 2014. He then chose to return to Italy in 2016, and precisely to those places he loved the most. He became Executive Chef at the Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà in 2019 and here he could give life to his idea of cuisine at last: an innovative cuisine that combines a love for tradition and its territory with the creativity of a young man with international experience.


22nd September
Caterina Ceraudo Born in 1987, she has been at the helm of the Dattilo kitchen since 2013, which is located on the Ceraudo farm and owned by the family since 1973. She attended the Accademia Niko Romito school in Castel di Sangro in Abruzzo in 2012 before putting on her chef’s jacket. At Niko’s she learned about respect for food and its natural origin, from the birth and growth of each ingredient to its transformation on the plate. Caterina’s cuisine is based on a few elements, enhancing the simple, balanced, and light flavours, with cooking techniques that maintain the properties of the raw materials unaltered, from the starter to the dessert. She has been Woman Chef of the Year twice, for Identità Golose the first time in 2016, for the Michelin guide the second time in 2017.

The project, born from the desire of Luigi Cremona to stimulate a discussion in the kitchen and offer, at the same time, customers a new experience, has seen 56 starred chefs from Italy and the rest of the world parade through Indaco’s kitchens, to offer their testimonials of a high interpretation and quality in signature cuisine. A long journey through the regions of Italy and the different continents that has stimulated Pasquale Palamaro’s creativity and enriched his cuisine in continuous evolution, until reaching maturity with the awareness of being, and wanting to be, a great interpreter of the sea.

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“For this year’s Summer Dinner series, which will be held at our Indaco restaurant, I decided to bring my love for the sea to the table and create a truly unique dining experience for our guests. Years ago I chose to return to Ischia, and become a “chef of the sea.” As the sea is an inexhaustible source for raw materials, I’m able to constantly experiment and create new unique flavors thanks to the rich abundance of ingredients right outside our kitchen.”

Pasquale Palamaro


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