Summer Dinners


from Jun 14, 2022 to Oct 10, 2022

There was no other choice but an ideal embrace with the Procida of the Neapolitan archipelago, a small island of fishermen that has seen success over important candidates to win the title of Italian Capital of Culture 2022, the seventeenth edition of the food and wine festival that led to Regina Isabella Indaco restaurant having 64 starred chefs in 16 years.

Holding centre stage is always him, the tireless Pasquale Palamaro, Executive Chef who guides with energy and creativity the three restaurants of the Resort, including the starred Indaco, its creation and extension dedicated to seafood cuisine. A choice of maturity made after crossing the world, exploring territories and ingredients, experimenting techniques, and then returning to the origins and the sea that has been its cradle since birth.
Each edition has a new story, a new story that unfolds among the testimonies of guests who always link their experience of life at sea even if lived from different perspectives, from the creation of a fragrance to the writing of a book, from the daily catch to the story of the challenges in international regattas.
For this extraordinary edition, the sea passes the baton to culture and beauty, the art expressed by signature cuisine. So Indaco will once again become the stage for exciting cook-offs between Resident Chef Palamaro and four chefs of Procidan origin, who bring to the table experience and local traditions from Italy and around the world.

GABRIELE WALL, Executive Chef of Adelaide, restaurant of the Hotel Vilon in Rome, will be with us on JUNE 14, with its Mediterranean cuisine that collects and interprets the most authentic traditions, on JULY 19 MARCO BADALUCCI of the eponymous restaurant in Lugano, who arrived in Switzerland after a long experience in the kitchens of the great Italian and French stars to propose a cuisine that knows how to innovate and linger in your memory and above all to excite. On 29 AUGUST it will be the turn of DOMENICO SCOTTO DI FASANO, a chef working at HARRY’S PICCOLO DI TRIESTE who will be accompanied by Chef MATTEO METULLIO who, with Davide De Pra, leads the restaurant awarded Michelin ** in 2022 with excellent results. The exhibition will end on OCTOBER 10 with MARCO AMBROSINO from 28 BISTRO PLACES in Milan, a young chef of Procida who proposes a contemporary cuisine that enhances only seasonal products, oriented towards ethical values, attentive to the quality of food, respect for the environment and fairness in production processes.
Their protagonists will also be the testimonies of four fishermen of Procida who will bring their catch used for the Menus of the evenings and select artists from the island who interpret the culture in the different expressive arts, from painting to the styling of costumes, to traditional music.
They will then be involved in the four visits to wineries engaged in projects to support and enhance art.

With them, the protagonists of the evenings will also be the testimonies of four people from Procida who will tell the beauty of an island as small in size as it is large in the artistic fervor it generates.
Therefore Leonardo Costagliola, Procida Tourism Councilor, will tell how the ambitious goal of being the 2022 Italian Capital of Culture, defeating illustrious candidates, was reached and he will do it by preparing a typical salad with local lemons; Antonietta Righi will speak through her paintings that immortalize the rituality of everyday life, Elisabetta Montaldo, costume designer, winner of two “David di Donatello” (the Italian Oscar), will present a preview of the typical Procidan costume designed by her and Giulio Badalucci, seafarer and father of the guest Chef who lives in Lugano, will read two poems taken from a small anthology that collects thoughts and the emotions of a lifetime.
It will be the fishermen of Procida who will bring the fish used for the menus of the evenings, small fishermen who live from their daily lives and with difficulty safeguard an increasingly anachronistic profession.
Involved in the four events wineries engaged in projects of support and enhancement of art.
Official water of the Events is Ferrarelle, partner wineries of the evenings: San Salvatore 1998, Casa Setaro, Cantina di Lisandro.



14th June
Gabriele Muro
GABRIELE MURO, 38 years old, born on the small island of the Neapolitan archipelago called Procida, since some years leads the kitchen of Adelaide Restaurant in the Hotel Vilon of Rome.


19th July
Marco Balducci comes from a small island called Procida where he was born in 1977. Today he manages “Taste of Art” in Lugano, restaurant that has received numerous awards from the Swiss press and critics.


29th August
Domenico Scotto Born in Ischia, he grew up on the small island of Procida in the centre of the Gulf of Naples. An island rich resources that have brought about traditions and cultures that are still respected today.


10th october
MARCO AMBROSINO, a chef originally from Procida, proposes a contemporary cuisine, oriented towards ethical values, attentive to food quality, respect for the environment and fair production processes.

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“For this year’s Summer Dinner series, which will be held at our Indaco restaurant, I decided to bring my love for the sea to the table and create a truly unique dining experience for our guests. Years ago I chose to return to Ischia, and become a “chef of the sea.” As the sea is an inexhaustible source for raw materials, I’m able to constantly experiment and create new unique flavors thanks to the rich abundance of ingredients right outside our kitchen.”

Pasquale Palamaro


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