Ischia: the New Vintage

Ischia: the New Vintage - Third Edition -

from Oct 27, 2023 to Oct 29, 2023


Ischia Vintage is back from 27 to 29 October, the exhibition that has been bringing the best Italianness to Regina Isabella Resort for more than 10 years

Establishing a new humanism thanks to a new form of hedonism: this is the challenge of Ischia Vintage 2023.
The event, which for more than ten years has been bringing to the island the pinnacles of contemporary wine culture, is getting ready for this third edition – the reins of the event have been passed to the journalist and critic, Director of Spirito diVino, Leila Salimbeni, under whose aegis it has been renamed “Ischia: the New (Vint)Age”, after the decade in which it was entrusted to the care of Ian D’Agata and before him, to Gaddo Della Gherardesca and Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona – – and does so centred around the grape varieties that have made great contemporary wine history, Italian and otherwise. Three masterclasses and two days of tastings articulated around the noble Riesling, the worldly Chardonnay, the mysterious Pinot noir and the exotic Carmènere (in combination with the imperious Cabernet Sauvignon).

Thus the Carriero family renews its commitment as a patron and ambassador of the best Italianness, organising a moment of great celebration in the company of the most important Italian and French producers (this year coming from the southernmost part of Champagne, right on the border with Burgundy).

Moments, these, that will be celebrated, as every year, with the refined canapés of Pasquale Palamaro, Executive Chef* of Regina Isabella Resort, who will also oversee the highlight of the event: the gala dinner, and without leaving out the day dedicated to discovering the beauty of the island and the other social moments, to enjoy at the piano bar in the company of cigars, refined chocolates and great liqueurs.

All this inside a legendary Resort, the Regina Isabella, the hub of worldliness, custom and culture in every era, and the favourite alcove of such personalities Richard Burton, Elisabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, William Holden, Maria Callas, Oriana Fallaci (with Alekos Panagulis), Alberto Sordi, as well as princes, kings and queens of all times.

Arrivederci see you in Ischia for the New Vintage 2023!


Roeno is a winery in the Terradeifiorti; the Fugatti family’s signature wine is Riesling Renano, a wine explicitly inspired by the traditional method of processing the noble grape in the Musella.


Located in the town of Urville, Maison Drappier’s vineyard park preserves the strong identity of the Bar-sur-Aube district, characterized by the strong presence of Pinot Noir, which reigns supreme and makes up 70 percent of the estate.


Located at the foot of Mount Cetona, Tenuta di Trinoro has a wide variety of different soils. The vines, now more than twenty years old and with their root systems firmly rooted in the earth, manage to render in the cluster the particular flavor of the soil on which they grow.