Indaco – the new restaurant en plein air of Regina Isabella Hotel, an inspiring cuisine

A new star has joined to the five-star of L'Albergo della Regina Isabella in Ischia. Since a few days, tank toPasquale Palamaro of Indaco, the hotel's gourmet restaurant opened in 2009. The modern and creative cuisine of the young Chef brings a new tribute to the culinary traditions of Campania, the most dynamic region in the Michelin Guide 2013.

With 32 Michelin star restaurants, 6 news and the highest number of two-star, Campania confirm to be one of the region of great tradition in quality kitchen after Lombardy (56 restaurants) and Piedmont (38 restaurants). An important contribution to the great firmament of 307 Michelin stars in Italy in 2011 rising to 31 units.

Great satisfaction for the family Carriero owner of the hotel, who encouraged by his friend Luigi Cremona, decided to offer its guests a second restaurant to complement a traditional cuisine with a more modern cuisine, appreciated by more and more demanding palates of its customers and of the international community. Indaco was opened, a stolen space from the enchantment of a small bay, destined to the one who was then the sous-chef of Ristorante Regina Isabella still led by Luigi Castagna, Pasquale Palamaro.

His official debut in the creative cuisine was on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Regina Isabella, when, for the celebration, marched in the kitchen of the whole season 15 starred Chef including Aimo e Nadia, Ugo Alciati, Alfonso Iaccarino Emanuele Scarello to name a few. The challenging gym stole the heart and soul of Pasquale who since then has devoted himself with tenacity and energy in search of new techniques and materials that allow him to best express the flavors and colors of his garden.

Continuing training in the winter alongside Chef like Antonio Cannavacciuolo of Hotel Villa Crespi in Orta San Giulio and Anthony Genovese of Il Pagliaccio in Rome. A continuous exchange that brings Pasquale to make his food more identification of a territory rich in resources as ours in southern Italy. Triumph fish and vegetables from his garden cultivated with passion, he loves to lead guests to steal and enjoy together some first fruits of the season.

To close the circle play their part the nature and the corner of paradise immersed in the deep blue of the sea from which it was born precisely INDACO, the only name which can witness the magic of summer evenings spent by the sea, with the complicity of the stars. Now even the Michelin one!

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