Events Albergo della Regina Isabella
Regina Isabella Gourmet: Summer Dinners
from 23/06/2016 to 07/09/2016

It is at the eleventh edition the traditional food and wine festival "Summer Dinners", that sees Indaco Restaurant and its elegant tables caressed by the waves welcome dishes that represent real works of culinary art.

This eleventh edition of the culinary SUMMER DINNERS event will entirely be dedicated to sterred chef abroad. Four young and successful chefs will perform their own creativity  in the spotlight for their talent and skills.The evening dedicated to the Chef star will introduce a true Italian Lady, Star of the  “Haute Cuisine.                                      

Four evenings dedicated to all the gourmand and even those who simply love trying out new experiences for the palate. The frame can only be Indigo, that little corner of paradise on the beach where every night turns magical, enlivened only by the refraction of waves on the docks.

To do the honors, our talented Chef Pasquale Palamaro.a talented chef recognized by critics for the most modern interpretation of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The continuous rediscovery of herbal aromas and flavors of the island of Ischia, Pasquale is at its best in fish processing and posing in a totally new combinations.

Four-hand menu will be the ones proposed in different nights, designed to make the best raw materials that follow for years as a sponsor the event as a greedy oil, pasta, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, the tomatoes and wine of big wine companies of the territory.

Here the names of the chefs for this edition:

1. Giovedì 23 Giugno 2016 - Carlo Scotto - Babbo Restaurant, Westmister, London

2. Giovedì 21 Luglio 2016 - Denny Imbroisi - Restaurant Ida par Denny Imbroisi, Paris

3. Mercoledì 10 Agosto 2016 - Emanuele Mongillo - Balzi Rossi Restaurant, Mosca

4. Mercoledì 7 Settembre 2016 - Marcello Fabbri - Anna Amalia Ristorante gourmet Hotel Elephant, Weimar

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Piano & Jazz
from 25/08/2016 to 28/08/2016

From August 25th to August 28th Ischia is Jazz

The exciting music festival this year will liven up the warm summer evenings in rhythm Piano & Jazz.

The 2016 Edition of Piano & Jazz will lead again this year to Ischia many artists of international renown. The major
festival will be held from 25/08/2016 to 28/08/2016 and for fans, we have developed a very special program not to be missed, which will be published soon.

Tickets can be bought on and at:
RVSTICA DOMVS tel. nr. 081-992100
LIBRERIA IMAGAENARIA tel nr. 081-985632
NEGOMBO tel nr. 081-986152
DELTASTUDIO tel nr. 081-984848 - 3358110629






Ischia Vintage 2016
from 29/10/2016 to 01/11/2016


From October 29 to November 1 the 14th edition of ISCHIA VINTAGE will be held at L'Albergo della Regina Isabella. This annual event is dedicated to lovers of good food and good wine and, even more, to all lovers of beauty, not just because the location is an excuse to spend one last weekend at the beach, but also it is a must for those who love the good things in life.



From October 29 to November 1 the thirteenth  edition of ISCHIA VINTAGE will be held at L'Albergo della Regina Isabella. This annual event is dedicated to lovers of good food and good wine and, even more, to all lovers of beauty, not just because the location is an excuse to spend one last weekend at the beach, but also it is a must for those who love the good things in life.

Conceived in 2002 by the family’s friend Gaddo della Gherardesca, famously recognized as purveyor of elegance and sobriety, this event is not only for tasting wine like other wine festivals, but offers a unique opportunity to learn about and become familiar with the great Italian and international wine producers . Over the years, a parade of stars has passed through the wine scene at the Regina Isabella, characters that have made ​​Italy famous in the world, including: Ferdinando Frescobaldi, Filippo Mazzei, Alessio Planeta, José Rallo and Lucio Tasca D' Almerita's, just to name a few.

Also for the next event the Vignerons present were selected by Ian D'Agata, from years at the helm of the event, wine writer, oenologist, reviewer and taster for the International Wine Cellar Stephen Tanzer, Decanter and Le Figaro, one Italian journalist called upon to comment on the French wines on the most prestigious French newspaper online.

Unique wines are a result of history, tradition and the passion of families united by the call of the land. These wines have been chosen to accompany the always changing and sophisticated menu of the two chefs of the Regina Isabella, Pasquale Palamaro Executive chef of the two main restaurants, and chef of the Michelin star Indaco, a small gourmet restaurant inside the hotel.

In this edition we have added some special guests: The wines from different areas of Italy will be available for tasting in the Sala Azzurra; The tea  will be available at the tea time at Bar Regina Isabella; The liquors, together with chocolate will be available for the delight of the palate at Bar Regina Isabella after dinner. 

As usual, guests of the hotel during this last weekend of the season, can partake in guided tours with Ian to the beautiful island wineries to learn about the properties and taste wines, which are excellent examples of the extreme viticulture.

In addition the Spa of the Regina Isabella offers two special “DiWine” treatments using creams, balms and oils with anti oxidative agents of the vegetable stam cell extracts from grape, awakening “sleeping” cells for a youth and radiance skin.





New Years' Eve 2017
from 27/12/2016 to 06/01/2017

NEW YEAR'S EVE IN ISCHIA, THE CHARM OF THE SEA IN WINTER. The enchantment of a magical festive atmosphere ...

December, with its combination of the festive atmosphere and enticing aromas of the season, is the ideal time to take a break, regenerate and create new bonds.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live with the joys and festivities of Christmas, year round?

Come to L'Albergo della Regina Isabella this holiday season! Our goal is to create a unique and unforgettable experience at our beautiful property, with its award-winning cuisine, wonderful party spirit and activities for the entire family. Here, on the island of Ischia, guests will find unique treatments and aromatherapy in a spa whose hot springs were discovered 2,500 years ago. And you’ll celebrate the arrival of 2014 in a gala event complete with culinary specialties created by our renowned Michelin-star chef. Join us!