Events Albergo della Regina Isabella
Ischia Vintage 2017
from 11/10/2017 to 29/10/2017

From October 27th to 29  the 15th edition of ISCHIA VINTAGE will be held at L'Albergo della Regina Isabella. This annual event is dedicated to lovers of good food and good wine and, even more, to all lovers of beauty, not just because the location is an excuse to spend one last weekend at the beach, but also it is a must for those who love the good things in life.



ISCHIA VINTAGE was created to close the summer season of L’Albergo della Regina Isabella, the “place to be” for well-being, with a tribute to the wine and the pleasure of conviviality. A way to underline  Ischia as not only the island of millenarian spa but also, thanks to its peasant origins, the countryside and its wine   and, even today, agriculture is the main business after tourism.

Wine is the protagonist of the weekend together with Ian D'Agata, wine writer since more than 25 years. Ian is the winner of many prestigious international career awards, he is the scientific director of Vinitaly International Academy, teaches history and wine culture at the Master's Program in Food Sciences  at New York University. He was also Contributing Editor of the English monthly magazine Decanter, Ian is now Senior Editor and Head of Development for Europe and Asia of VINOUS, one of the most important international magazine for wine labels and is also the correspondent of Chinese TasteSpirit, one of the most read periodicals of wine and lifestyle in the East. Spending a weekend with Ian at Regina Isabella is an experience not to be missed, meaning to live and to experience the wine through the mouth of those who produce it, not just the local winemakers present in the Tasting Room, but also the biggest national and International  producers.

The Via del Tè will open the Ischian afternoons with a wide selection of Tea, blends, infusions and herbal teas.
From 6 p.m. the Sala Azzurra meeting room of the Regina Isabella will be transformed for the occasion in the Tasting Room to taste a large representation of wineries of the Regional Emilia Romagna wine cellar directed by Ambrogio Manzi. Dry and sweet Lambrusco, Pignoletto, Aromatic Malvasia, Centesimino, Sangiovese, Albana, Gutturnio, many autochthonous vines of Emilia Romagna to be discovered, led by Ian D'Agata, author of Native Wine Grapes of Italy, sum of Italian autochthones, awarded in 2015 as Book of the Year by Louis Roederer International Wine Awards. The wines of the Ischian cellars like Casa D'Ambra, Pietratoria, Cenatiempo, Tommasone, Antonio Mazzella, Cantina Colella, will also be present to be tasted together with twelve prestigious labels offered by the Vignerons invited by Ian D'Agata in Ischia.
In the evening, the oven of Izzo Forni will warm the DolceVita,  restaurant of L'Albergo della Regina Isabella, transforming it into the flagship of Neapolitan pizza thanks to the hand of Giuseppe Pignalosa of Pizzeria Le Parùle of Herculaneum. Parùle in the old dialect is the term indicating the vegetable garden,  because it is from the fertile land of Vesuvius that Giuseppe takes the vegetable for his pizzas. Pizza chef of the Slow Food Alliance and APN exponent (Napoletan Pizza chefs Association), Giuseppe in 2017 reached the 39th place in the "50 top pizza in the world" competition. Pairing with the Pignalosa pizzas the Brew Clan beers, project born on the island by the passion of four young beer masters who have different jobs in their lives, they have decided to call them Brew Clan adding the initials of their names, putting to good use this  great passion for themselves and for their friends.

In the morning, a special excursion to the Aragonese Castle is planned, where it will be possible to enjoy a  wine tasting offered by the Ischian wine cellar Crateca, guided by the wine cellist and Ian D'Agata. Crateca is an old idle crater, now covered by chestnut and oak trees, which is below the Epomeo Mountain  at a height of about 500 meters above sea level. The family Castagna has recovered an important wine-growing company of about 2 hectares, re-planting selected grapes and reclaiming the old terraces one by one.
Event in the event, always at L’Albergo della Regina Isabella at 5 p.m. Luigi Moio will present his book IL RESPIRO DEL VINO, a work that is the arrival point of over 20 years of studies related to the sensory, biochemical and technological aspects of the flavours of wine . "Finally, I realize the dream of talking also to the general public and not just the narrow circle of specialists," Professor Moio says, "the discussion is strictly scientific, but I tried to use a simple, clear language affordable by many wine lovers not having technical knowledge. Always, during my academic lessons and the seminars that I give around the world, I use the anecdotes, examples, similarities and above all drawings to make visible and more immediate quite complex concepts ".

Guests of this fifteenth edition of Ischia Vintage and protagonists at the Gala Dinner along with D'Agata: Barolo from the Langhe briquettes, Filippo Mobrici of Bersano with Barbera del Monferrato, Silvano Brescianini of Barone Pizzini with Franciacorta, Antonio Centocanti of Belisario with the Verdicchio of Matelica celebrating this year the 50th anniversary and the sweet Malvasia of Alberto Medici.
High prestigious labels will frame the autumnal flavor dishes thought by Pasquale Palamaro, Executive Chef of the three hotel restaurants including Indaco, Michelin Star since 2013.
An evening that ends with a delightful Amedei chocolate tasting, accompanied by the great Rum Plantation of the Caribbean Company and Cuban Cigars Habanos.
To close the pleasant experience the Wellbeing Body Therapy program of the Terme della Regina Isabella Spa, which features a 50’ Relax Body Massage, relaxing treatment with grape berries with beneficial antioxidant properties, for a multi-sensorial immersion in the millennial world of wine. A great opportunity to prepare for winter is also offered by the thermal treatments offered at the SPA that make Ischia an international reference for a wellness holiday.

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