Ancient resources, wellness today

Thermal waters with ancient virtues and a top quality SPA in the heart of the Mediterranean, a rare combination that provides wellness for the body and soul, as well as beautiful Mediterranean scenery.
The Regina Isabella Thermal Baths are an ode to life and vitality, to a wellness that springs from the balance between body, mind and spirit. The regenerating properties of the multi-active waters are skilfully enhanced by constant and careful scientific research.
On the same wavelength with the hotel philosophy, the main purpose of the staff at the Regina Isabella Thermal Baths is to get to know our guests in order to satisfy their needs. Tell us about your Lifestyle and with the help of our medical staff, we'll find the best programme, tuned to our parameters and your desires, because balance is the key to harmony.

Ancient resources, wellness today

L'Albergo della Regina Isabella

Le Terme della Regina Isabella

Piazza Santa Restituta, 1

80076 Lacco Ameno - Ischia (Na), Italy

Phone +39 081 99 43 22 Fax +39 90 01 90

P.IVA 04759980636

[email protected]

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