Golden beaches, sheltered coves

Ischia has sometimes been called "the Garden of Europe" as it offers a variety of excursions for nature lovers in search of unspoiled areas and exciting opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. With 37 kilometres of coast to enjoy, there are unlimited opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing on the beaches. Shores where hot spring waters meet the sea and secluded places accessible only by boat present visitors with the best of what Ischia has to offer.

A panoply of golden beaches, bays, and creeks can be reached on foot, such as the beach at Maronti, where the Olmitello and Cavascura hot springs merge. Other spots to visit include: Citara and San Francesco with their incredible shorelines; Cartaromana, which overlooks a sunken Roman port; Cava dell'Isola, a favorite amongst the younger crowd; and the tiny magical bay of San Montano. Other spots like San Pancrazio, the "Scarrupata", and the "Magician's Cave" can only be reached by sea and are ideal for those seeking a private escape. Neptune's Kingdom Marine Park was founded to safeguard this precious stretch of sea, which is rich in diverse marine life and is fantastic for snorkeling and diving.     

Golden beaches, sheltered coves

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