Timeless charm

Thanks to its history, the sea and its special volcanic nature, Ischia is a rare beauty and wellness legacy, an island that celebrates life. 2700 years of history, 103 thermal wellness springs and the largest of the Neapolitan islands, about 30 km from Naples, measuring 10 km from east to west and 7 km from north to south, with 37 km of shoreline. Its highest peak is Mount Epomeo (787 m.). The climate is mild all year round. Discover the island's beauty from a distance and if you so desire, organize your sojourn from the comfort of your own home so that you can fully enjoy every second of your stay.

With 2700 years of history, 103 hot springs, and its prime location in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the volcanic island of Ischia is a rare gem where life is truly celebrated. The largest of the Neapolitan Islands and 30 km from Naples, Ischia measures 10 km from east to west, 7 km from north to south, and has 37 km of shoreline. With a mild climate all year round, visitors flock to the island to discover its natural beauty and to enjoy the thermal spas.

Ischia features the fishing villages of Ischia Ponte and Sant'Angelo, with their winding lanes and Arab-influenced architecture. The rural hillside towns of Buonopane, Fontana, and Ciglio aredotted with austere homes with barrel-shaped roofs, while the Falanga Woods are home to stone houses and camouflaged shelters, which illustrates the architectural diversity of the island.

Castello Aragoneseis a small fortified city built on an islet connected by a bridge to the mainland. Over the years, the castle has hosted sovereigns, princely courts, and luminaries such as Vittoria Colonna, the great poet and renowned intellectual of the Renaissance. Other historic landmarks on Ischia include Torre dei Guevara and "I Pilastri," an 18th century aqueduct in classic Roman architectural style, as well as the towers loomingover Forio, built along the coast to protect the island. The many cathedrals and churches demonstrate the island’s historic and continued dedication to religious tradition.

From paragliding to windsurfing, horseback riding, sailing, tennis, canoeing, diving, snorkeling, and jogging, Ischia offers plenty of activities for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. There are just as many options when it comes to dining and nightlife as well as picturesque locations perfect for catching a moment alone.      


Timeless charm

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